Card Condition

Every product on TCG Collector NZ has a condition description. This is located below the 'add to cart' button. These are designed to give you an idea of the card condition before you purchase as not every card on TCG Collector NZ is mint. The conditions are:

  • Near Mint/Mint - Almost in perfect condition, practically no visible wear
  • Very Lightly Played - Generally in very good condition, minimal to small amounts of visible wear
  • Lightly Played - Generally in pretty good condition, small amounts of wear (especially on the edges)
  • Moderately Played - Generally in average condition, medium amounts of wear
  • Heavily Played - Generally in poor condition, large amounts of wear
  • Damaged - Some part of the card is damaged in some way or form, whether it be scuffed, creased or water damaged.

    Of course these are all up to our discretion and you may want to inquire further about a particular card(s) condition. Feel free to contact us at support@tcgcollectornz.com and we can discuss further.


    European vs American Print

    We'd like to have every card in European print but unfortunately this isn't the case. If you're wondering about whether a card is American or European print, please don't hesitate to ask us at support@tcgcollectornz.com.