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    Powers Combined, Kibito Kai [BT3-043]

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    Product description

    Set: Cross Worlds
    Era: Majin Buu Saga
    Rarity: Common
    Game character: Kibito Kai
    Color: Blue
    Energy color cost: 2(B)
    Card type: Battle
    Power: 12000
    [Super Combo](You can only include up to 4 cards with
    [Super Combo] in your deck
    [Auto] When you combo with this card, if your Leader Card is blue and your life is at 4 or less, this card gains +10000 combo power for the duration of the turn. Then, choose up to 1 card in your opponent's Combo Area and return it to their owner's hand. Then, if there are no cards in your opponent's Combo Area, draw 1 card.
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