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    Infinitrack Deck Base - MP20

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    Product description

    Start off your collection with a Yu-Gi-Oh deck base!

    All cards are common unless stated otherwise, all cards are Near Mint unless stated otherwise.

    Card List:

    • 3x Infinitrack Trencher (Super)
    • 3x Infinitrack Crab Crane 
    • 3x Infinitrack Drag Shovel 
    • 3x Infinitrack Brutal Dozer
    • 3x Spin Turn (Ultra)
    • 3x Outrigger Extension (Ultra)
    • 3x Crusher Run
    • 2x Infinitrack Goliath (Ultra)
    • 2x Infinitrack Mountain Smasher (Ultra)
    • 2x Infinitrack River Stormer (Ultra)
    • 2x Infinitrack Earth Slicer (Ultra)
    • 3x Infinitrack Tunneller
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