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Start off your collection with a Yu-Gi-Oh deck base!

All cards are common unless stated otherwise, all cards are Near Mint unless stated otherwise.

Card List:

  • 3x Rainbow Dragon (Ultra Rare)
  • 3x Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon (Ultra Rare)
  • 3x Rainbow Dark Dragon
  • 3x Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
  • 3x Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
  • 3x Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
  • 3x Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
  • 3x Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
  • 3x Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
  • 3x Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
  • 3x Crystal Keeper
  • 3x Crystal Master
  • 3x Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
  • 3x Rare Value
  • 3x Crystal Blessing
  • 3x Crystal Promise
  • 3x Crystal Release
  • 3x Crystal Tree
  • 3x Crystal Conclave
  • 3x Rainbow Overdragon (Super)
  • 3x Advanced Dark
  • 3x Crystal Beacon
  • 3x Rainbow Refraction
  • 3x Awakening of the Crystal Ultimates
  • 3x Crystal Aegis
  • 3x Rainbow Bridge
  • 3x Crystal Abundance
  • 3x Crystal Boon
  • 3x Crystal Pair
  • 3x Counter Gem
  • 3x Ultimate Crystal Magic
  • 3x Crystal Brilliance
  • 3x Crystal Miracle
  • 3x Ultimate Crystal Rainbow Dragon Overdrive (Ultra Rare)
  • 3x Crystal Bond (Ultra Rare)
  • 3x Rainbow Bridge of the Heart (Ultra Rare)
  • 1x Crystal Beast Token
  • 1x Jesse Anderson - Bonder with the Crystal Beasts (Super)
  • 1x Jesse and Ruby - Unleashing the Legend (Super)

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