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All of TCG Collector NZ's products and singles for the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Set: Hidden Arsenal - Chapter 1.


330 products

Fabled Deck Base - HAC1

$23.99 NZD

Naturia Deck Base - HAC1

$21.99 NZD

HAC1-EN028 Parallel Rare

Skill Drain (Duel Terminal)

$39.00 NZD

HAC1-EN028 Parallel Rare

Ice Barrier Deck Base - HAC1

$14.99 NZD

HAC1-EN028 Parallel Rare

Yugioh! Booster Packs: Hidden Arsenal - Chapter 1 *Sealed*

$11.99 NZD

HAC1-EN022 Parallel Rare

Polymerization (Duel Terminal)

  • Near Mint 1st Edition

$10.00 NZD

HAC1-EN178 Secret Rare

Formula Synchron

  • Near Mint Limited

$12.00 NZD

HAC1-EN178 Secret Rare

Flamvell Deck Base - HAC1

$5.79 NZD

HAC1-EN015 Common

Elemental HERO Stratos (Duel Terminal)

$10.90 NZD

HAC1-EN026 Common

Waboku (Duel Terminal)

$8.70 NZD

HAC1-EN089 Common

Ally of Justice Cycle Reader (Duel Terminal)

$6.90 NZD

HAC1-EN089 Common

Mist Valley Deck Base - HAC1

$3.49 NZD

HAC1-EN020 Parallel Rare

Elemental HERO Shining Flare Wingman (Duel Terminal)

$6.40 NZD

HAC1-EN174 Secret Rare

Pile Armed Dragon

  • Near Mint Limited

$6.00 NZD

HAC1-EN017 Common

Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Duel Terminal)

$5.20 NZD

330 products